Newsletter 101 from 06/30/2008

International Building Exhibition (IBA) Fürst-Pückler-Land

1. On board: Boat on stilts brings canal network to life
2. On shore: "Cottbuser S(tr)and" exhibition brings a vision of the future
3. On business: Minister of Education briefed on raft-building camp
4. On paper: IBA tour leaflet guide to Lusatian Lakeland
5. On record: Potential of ENERGY Route sounded out
6. On schedule: Opening of Lauchhammer bio-towers imminent
7. On show: IBA develops sand path for Märkischer Sand
8. On task: Paradise 2 Workshop invites input
9. On parting: Finishing touch at Pritzen "temporary studio"
10. On cue: Last chance to sign up for IBA excursion

(1) On board:

Boat on stilts brings canal network to life

As part of its theme year, "Lusatia: Lure of the Lakes", the IBA has opened a showground (building) site on the canal between Senftenberg Lake and Geierswald Lake. With support from Vattenfall, the IBA has erected a four-metre-high "overland boat" to draw attention to the special network of canals, which will be routed underneath the main B 96 road and the Schwarze Elster river, and to highlight the achievements of the mine redevelopment company, LMBV. The walk-on viewing platform has a visitor centre in the hull with information on the building project and offers a clear view of the construction site. The focus is currently on tunnelling under the road, but a walk through the "showground (building) site" will later give a glimpse of the construction of the river bridge, the diversion of the Schwarze Elster and the construction of the lock system. The official opening was followed by a cycle tour through the Lusatian Lakeland enjoyed by the Minister for Economic Affairs and important representatives from industry, tourism, mining and mine redevelopment. The visitors were informed about the plans for Sedlitz Lake and the Aqua Casa project on Partwitz Lake and were visibly impressed by the visionary concepts and concrete plans.

(3) On business:

Minister of Education briefed on raft-building camp

Brandenburg's Minister of Education Holger Rupprecht stopped over in the Lusatian Lakeland in the run-up to the raft-building camp organised by the IBA Fürst-Pückler-Land. He was taken for a spin and updated on the plans for Sedlitz Lake, and spent time on the IBA Terraces talking to schoolchildren about their aspirations and career prospects in Lusatia. The Minister of Education regards the raft-building camp on Lake Ilse with integrated career guidance workshop as a good opportunity to combine fun with the serious side of life. "The young people can specifically use this time to think about what they will do when they leave school", said Rupprecht, "and find out more about their own particular strengths in individual coaching sessions." He thus pledged the willing support of his government department. A number of students have already signed up for the raft-building camp, scheduled to be held from 18 to 27 July on the shores of Lake Ilse. There are not many places left. The aim is to build two rafts with houses on and then launch them on Grabendorf Lake. Jörg Heidig is taking registrations.

(4) On paper:

IBA tour leaflet guide to Lusatian Lakeland

The IBA's new tour leaflet suggests three possible exploratory trips to the Lusatian Lakeland. It sums up the basic facts about the Lakeland and the IBA project locations there. The recommended tours are 33, 45 and 53 kilometres long, starting from the IBA Terraces and aiming for the lakes at Sedlitz, Partwitz, Geierswald and Senftenberg. The tour leaflet is available in the IBA and Lusatian Lakeland visitor centre on the IBA Terraces.

(5) On record:

Potential of ENERGY Route sounded out

An international study group from the Willy Scharnow Institute for Tourism of the Freie Universität Berlin will be presenting their findings on the tourist development potential of the ENERGY Route through Lusatia's Industrial Heritage on 16 July on the IBA Terraces. The presentation will include a possible marketing strategy. The students have been engaged in extensive research since the beginning of the year, conducting surveys among politicians, citizens and tourists. The "ENERGY Route through Lusatia's Industrial Heritage" tourism syndicate expects to gain valuable insights from the know-how and international influence of the research students for the development of the attraction which brings together imposing monuments of industrial heritage and bizarre landscapes into one spectacular experience.

(6) On schedule:

Opening of Lauchhammer bio-towers imminent

This day has long been awaited by admirers of the imposing industrial monument, also called Lusatia's "Castel del Monte". An arts event programme has been planned to accompany the opening of the Lauchhammer bio-towers at 16:00 hours on 17 July. By then the clean-up operations should be finished, with two glass turrets gracing a walk-on group of trickling filters. From this vantage point visitors will gain a unique impression of space between the towers. Once used to treat the wastewater from the coking plant, the industrial plant will be given a new lease of life as an exclusive venue for cultural events, concerts, plays and illuminations. There will be an opportunity to take a guided tour of the site and the group of trickling filters after the opening.

design: Zimmermann & Partner Cottbus

(7) On show:

IBA develops sand path for Märkischer Sand exhibition

The exhibition "[Märkischer Sand] - Spuren zwischen Sujet, Werkstoff und Landschaftsraum" [Mark Brandenburg sand - tracks between subject, material and landform] is showing at the Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus. In addition to various artistic and photographic interpretations of landscape themes like the sandy path, wasteland and open-cast mining and other subjects like children playing, beach scenes and building sites, another element meriting attention is the use of the sand as a painting medium and in collages. The three-part exhibition creates a provocative vista of the many aspects of the multifaceted sand. There are some 100 works of art on show but also documents on geological and topographical phenomena and aspects of cultural heritage. A "sand path" has been created in the countryside around Cottbus in collaboration with the IBA, leading visitors to the exhibition and to a direct "encounter" with the sand. The exhibition is being held as part of the "Metropolis Province" cultural project of the Federal State of Brandenburg.

(8) On task:

Paradise 2 Workshop invites input

Jürg Montalta, the director of the art project for the final year of the IBA, is inviting interested members of the public to the 5th workshop on 15 July from 16:00 to 18:00 hours in the IBA office to resume discussions on the art project in the IBA pilot area of Großräschen. Anyone can take part in the exciting development process by joining the "Paradise 2 Workshop". In June a further part of the art project was presented to some 30 people of Guben and Gubin. The project entitled "The towers of Gubin - I can see you, can you see me?" is intended to overcome the border between Germany and Poland by bringing together the Polish and German war generation with young people in so-called listening circles to find out more about each other. The aim is to resolve conflicts between the residents of the two parts of the town on the Neisse. The first "listening circle" will be held on 17 September in the Kulturhaus in Gubin. The 2010 team can be contacted by email at or by telephone on +49 (0) 35753-370292.

(9) On parting:

Finishing touch at Pritzen "temporary studio"

A closing event will be held in Pritzen Arts Barn on 13 July at 15:00 hours as a valedictory for artist Beate Oehmann and her exhibition entitled "Pointing the Way!". The artist from Upper Bavaria set up an open studio in May and June in a bid to be inspired by the charms of the landscape and the people. She used big bright flags to draw attention to this special place at the former Greifenhain open-cast mine. The 71-year-old will be presenting some of the results at the closing event and reporting on her impressions and experiences. The event is open to anyone interested.

(10) On cue:

Last chance to sign up for IBA excursion

There are still a few places on the IBA themed excursion, scheduled to visit selected projects in the Rhineland, Lorraine, Saarland and the Palatinate from 19 to 22 September. There are still a few more days for a spur-of-the-moment decision to join the trip which is intended as a lead-in to the next theme year which is entitled "New Land". The aim of the trip is to compare notes on dealing with industrial landscapes and to discuss experiences with innovative projects and regional development processes. As in previous years, the excursion is open to IBA project partners and to interested members of the public from the locality. Annett Skrzypczak is taking telephone bookings on +49 (0) 35753-370288, and email bookings at

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