NEWSLETTER 90, 05/22/2007

Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA)

1. Opening Celebrations: Floating Diving School Comes on Stream in Laasow
2. Official Handover: New ENERGY Route Showcased
3. Top-Class Cycling: Award for Fürst-Pückler Route
4. Good Outlook: Opening of Victoria Heights Viewing Platform
5. Culinary Journeys: Popular Series of Events is Continued
6. Government open day: IBA Introductions in Dresden
7. IBA at BUGA: eBox Presents Energy Region of Lusatia


Floating House Comes on Stream in Laasow

On 15 May Germany’s first floating diving school opened its doors on Lake Gräbendorf. This marks the next phase in developing the tourism potential of the former lignite mine. Speaking on the occasion, IBA Director Prof. Rolf Kuhn referred to its opening as a "milestone for the Lusatian Lakeland". Also delivering an address, Dr. Wolfgang Krüger, State Secretary in the Brandenburg Department of Trade and Industry, saw the diving school as a "potent symbol of structural transformation". This project saw the IBA and its partners celebrating the opening of the second floating house in the Lusatian Lakeland within one year, following on from the floating holiday home on Lake Partwitz which was the first to be opened in the summer of 2006.

Laasow Diving and Leisure Centre
Lake Partwitz


New ENERGY Route Showcased

The new ENERGY Route through Lusatia’s Industrial Heritage was officially opened on 5 May during celebrations which were being held to mark the fifth anniversary of the F60 visitor mine (cf. Newsletter 89). The IBA project links ten outstanding monuments to the industrial era to form a tourist attraction and provides national publicity for the route - not least through its integration in the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH). The new route takes in the F60 visitor mine, the Lusatian Knappenrode mining museum, the IBA Terraces, the Louise briquetting plant, Plessa cultural power station, Schwarze Pumpe power station, Marga garden city, the Lauchhammer bio-towers, the working open-cast mine of Welzow-Süd and the Cottbus diesel power station art museum.

Lusatia’s industrial heritage


Award for Fürst-Pückler Route

The Fürst-Pückler Route was opened in 2005. Since then the cycle route has linked almost all the IBA projects and more of Lusatia’s attractions, extending over a good 500 kilometres. Word soon got round among cyclists that the route offers a unique combination of nature, industrial heritage and (artificial) Lakeland scenery. But now it’s official: the Fürst-Pückler Route is top of the class for cycling! The national German Cyclists’ Federation (ADFC) recognised the IBA project as Germany’s first long-distance cycle route and duly presented it with an award at the "Energy Cycle Tour" on 1 May. The cycle path was awarded four stars out of a possible five. Some of the criteria recognised by the seal of approval include good ground conditions, signposting, safety and tourist provision.

To mark the "Year of Energy" this year’s IBA cycle tour took place on the Fürst-Pückler route as an "Energy Cycle Tour", with the 50-kilometre section around the former Klettwitz open-cast mine running from the F60, past the Lauchhammer bio-towers to the power station at Plessa. The “Energy Cycle Tour” can be repeated for groups on request. For more information call 035753 / 2610.



Opening of Victoria Heights Viewing Platform

When the flooding of Lake Ilse began in March, Großräschen dubbed itself “Lake City” - and now it has been earmarked for another attractive viewing point, with the new viewing platform scheduled to be opened on Wednesday 23 May (16.00 hrs.) by Dorette König, State Secretary in the Brandenburg Department of Trade and Industry. Based on a design by Senftenberg architecture firm Joswig, the Großräschen company “ornamentmetal” created a four-metre high steel viewing platform reminiscent of a ship’s hull. The view from here opens out over the emerging Lake Ilse and the IBA Terraces. This marks a further attraction for the first IBA project "IBA Pilot Area Großräschen-Süd" in addition to the IBA office, the IBA Terraces, the bridge over the lake, and the stone-lined boulevard.



Popular Series of Events is Continued

Following the great success of the culinary journeys throughout the IBA Year of Europe 2006, the series is to be continued this year with renewed energy and even more cultural contributions. Once a month (except for July) Sewan Latchinian, Artistic Director of the Neue Bühne theatre in Senftenberg, will be inviting Lusatian VIPs full of “new energy” to drop in for a chat and cook before a live audience. The first guest in this series scheduled to appear on 25 May is Georg Dürrschmidt, the new Chief Administrative Officer in the district of Oberspreewald-Lausitz. Sewan Latchinian will also be accompanied on every “Culinary Journey” by musicians and actors from the Neue Bühne who will be performing extracts from current productions. The fun starts at 20.00 hrs. Anyone turning up earlier can use the same ticket to gain free admission from 18.00 hrs. onwards to the new “Energy Region of Lusatia” exhibition on the IBA Terraces. Last year all the “Culinary Journeys” were sold out - we therefore recommend reserving tickets by calling 035753 / 261-18.

Neue Bühne theatre, Senftenberg


IBA Introductions in Dresden

An open day is being held on 2 June in Dresden, the capital city of Saxony. The Minster-President’s Office and all the local government departments will be opening their doors to visitors between 10.00 and 17.00 hrs. in the “Gläsernes Regierungsviertel”. The IBA will be flying the flag too: the IBA-run project REKULA will be one of the EU Interreg projects on show in the Department of the Interior.

Gläsernes Regierungsviertel


eBox Presents Energy Region of Lusatia

The IBA exhibition satellite eBox can be seen in Berlin until 3 June: in the inner courtyard of the Vattenfall headquarters (Chausseestr. 23), this small exhibition takes its cue from the IBA project “Welzow Energy Landscape” and other projects to demonstrate the potential in growing biomass for shaping the landscape and modelling different applications. The next stop will then be the BUGA Horticultural Show scheduled to run from 6 June to 13 September in Gera-Ronneburg. Prof. Rolf Kuhn and Director of CEBra Dr. Wagener-Lohse will be speaking at the opening of the exhibition satellite on 7 June at 10.00 hrs. Since opening at the end of April in the former uranium mining area in Thuringia, BUGA has already received some 200,000 visitors.

National Horticultural Show

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