Topics in the Seminars, 16th September

Seminar C: Land use systems

New landscape requirements after mining

Landscape is and remains the basis and resource for the development of regions. The present challenge is to make landscape “available” for all essential aspects of society, environment and economy in a sensitive, optimised and sustainable way. Therefore it will increasingly be a matter of balancing, negotiating and, in particular, combining utilisation interdependencies and different utilisation demands. During the restoration of the landscape after mining there is a great chance to give consideration to the present requirements from the very beginning thus developing it, for example, into new regenerative energy landscapes, leisure landscapes or just into multi-functional cultural landscapes.

  • What is landscape “worth“?

The central theme of Seminar C will be special questions about adding value to the landscape and redesigning landscapes after mining. A scientist, a landscape architect and an economist will put up their specific view of landscaping for discussion and invite for an interdisciplinary discourse.

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