Topics in the Seminars, 16th September

Seminar A: Strategies & Instruments

About paragraphs, processes and projects

The control of a transformation process is very multi-faceted. It depends on the legal basic conditions, but also on creative scopes, cooperative courses of action and financial possibilities. In this connection the interaction of the various instruments, their deliberate combination and utilisation are of particular importance. This is not possible without the acting persons – the people in the process. And also not without institutions that open new scopes and options for action. These players must be able to play on the “fingerboard of the instruments” thus developing a sustainable strategy for their region.

  • What are the legal basic conditions for the development of the post-mining landscape?
  • Which instruments enable innovation and re-orientation?
  • Are there any specific organisational forms that promote and support this process?

Based on the existing legal instruments other informal instruments and strategies will be introduced in Colloquium A. Experts from research, politics and administration will report on their experiences.

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