Beloved Lusatia

Eleven guest photographers

Lusatia is a landscape in the course of change. The IBA project “Fürst-Pückler-Land” ran from 2000 until 2010 with the aim of positively supporting this development. In autumn 2012 the IBA invited eleven renowned photographers from Poland, Germany, Italy, France, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to record what had been achieved. In response, they each gave this fascinating region their own photographic declaration of love.
Photographs by Marek Maruszak, Pierre Vallet, Roberta Valerio, Anton Sládek, Ester Havlová, Jürgen Matschie, Norbert Kaltwaßer, Thomas Kläber, Peter Thieme, Jochen Ehmke und Uwe Jacobshagen.

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Wounded Landscape

The IBA Workshop in Lusatia

What potential for design can be found in damaged or even devastated landscapes? What do we understand by a workshop for new landscapes?
Building exhibitions have enjoyed a 100-year tradition in Germany. But the first Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) to redesign a post-mining landscape creatively was implemented in Lusatia – a region much impaired by man’s over-exploitation.
What did the IBA give to Lusatia? What methods and processes may be applied in other regions beyond Lusatia?
Ten authors explore these questions by highlighting the changes after ten years IBA in Lusatia. They look at the region from a wide range of perspectives: from inside and out, but also from the viewpoints of history, politics, culture, technology and art, and that of the people involved – local residents and planners.
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ISBN 978-3-86859-142-2, jovis-Verlag

IBA Lusatia 2010

The great finale year

These are the pictures of the finale year 2010: the Brandenburg bicycling event, the IBA tours, the exhibition, the lake symphony on the bottom of Lake Ilse, and the other Paradise projects including their celebration finish, the sculpture of sound and light at Lake Sedlitz and the passing of the 30 relay batons to the project partners. One of the tasks of the IBA dissolution organization was to document the great IBA finale. Impressive, exciting and emotional moments have been captured in the 200-page, photo-filled, high-gloss A4 book and DVD titled “IBA Lausitz 2010.” All the high points of IBA’s final year are contained in this collection of writing, sound and photo documentation. At the center are the seven performances of the “Paradise 2” art project. Under the artistic direction of Jürg Montalta around 7,000 men and women from Lusatia participated in these projects; the book also features their selected comments.
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New Landscape Lusatia (2010)

Finale catalogue of IBA

The German-English catalogue "Lusatia: New Landscape" has over 300 pages covering the ten years in which the IBA has shadowed the structural transformation of the land which had become necessary in Lusatia after the mining in the region. Seven main themes highlight the challenges which faced the IBA. The catalogue documents how the initial planning meetings in the south of Großräschen spawned the idea of having an IBA in Lusatia and how it became an institution capable of meeting the challenges, as well as explaining its philosophy, approach, communication strategies and ideas for tourism. It goes into detail on the background to the 30 IBA projects, explaining how they came about, how they were run and what results they achieved, and sets the IBA in the context of the 100-year tradition of International Building Exhibitions in Germany. The catalogue is available at the IBA Terraces, in the IBA office and in book shops.
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Excerpt from the book as PDF-File
ISBN 978-3-86859-042-5, Jovis

Post-Mining Landscape (2010)

Documentation of the IBA conference 2009

The German-English documentation entitled "Post-Mining Landscape" makes reference to the international IBA conference held in the autumn of 2009 on the management of post-mining landscapes all over the world. Experts from every continent reported on the potential problems and opportunities which can arise when designing the new post-mining landscape. The publication features reports from Europe (France, Great Britain, Portugal, Czech Republic), the USA, Chile, South Africa and China. The conference documentation covers 240 pages giving extensive insight into current thinking on the subject from a theoretical and practical viewpoint. The work also makes reference to the ten theses on dealing with post-mining landscapes which were unpacked and developed at the conference and which constitute the legacy of the IBA in terms of theory. The documentation is available at the IBA Terraces, in the IBA office and in book shops.
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Excerpt from the book as PDF-File
ISBN 978-3-86859-043-2, Jovis

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