NEWSLETTER 95 from 10/29/2007

Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA)

1. Nearby: Fourth culinary journey on the IBA-Terraces
2. Into the distance: Business trip to China
3. Into the future: The practice congress “BioEnergie”
4. Into the “Land of ideas”: Technology day at Lausitzring
5. In a state of flux: New canal connects the Senftenberg Lake and the Geierswalde Lake
6. In the night: The art project “windmove”
7. In progress: Advisory Board discusses final stage concept for IBA

(1) Nearby: Fourth culinary journey on the IBA-Terraces

The fourth culinary journey took place on the IBA Terraces on 25 October. This time the new President of the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus, Prof. Dr. Dr. h. C. Walther Ch. Zimmerli, was the guest of the Director of the theatre “Neue Bühne (New Stage) Senftenberg”, Sewan Latchinian. As usual during these culinary journeys Latchinian cooked together with his guest live in front of the audience. Zimmerli brought some recipes from his home country – Switzerland with him. During the talk Zimmerli spoke about his as yet short term in office which started this year in May. Latchinian also asked him about his first personal impressions and experiences in Lusatia so far.
As usual Sewan Latchinian was accompanied by musicians and actors of the “Neue Bühne”. The singer Wolfgang Schmitz took part again, and Till Demuth and Bernd Färber performed the bicycle scene from the present Karl-Valentin-Revue.

(2) Into the distance: Business trip to China

The 2nd Chinese-German expert workshop with the topic of landscape planning took place in Peking from 19 to 24 September. Its aim was to strengthen the cooperation with China and look for common paths for a sustainable development of towns, the rural area and regions. The Chairman of the IBA Advisory Board, Prof. Adrian Hoppenstedt, and IBA co-worker Volker Mielchen took part in this trip as members of a delegation of the universities of Hanover and Berlin as well as the Federal Nature Conservation Agency. IBA was introduced as an innovative planning and regional development tool, and in particular they wanted to exchange experiences about how to deal with post-mining landscapes. Concrete projects are planned to continue the cooperation in the coming years.

(3) Into the future: The practice congress “BioEnergie”

On 9 and 10 October a congress about the topic of bio-energy, which was organised by the Centre for Energy Technology Brandenburg and the Congress, Messe & Touristik GmbH Cottbus, took place in Cottbus. It was the specialist highlight of the IBA theme year „Energy County Lusatia“ and dealt with the latest developments in this field, the potentials but also with problems and difficulties which are faced when the use of bioenergy is extended. The agenda also included both visits to practical examples in Lusatia and topical workshops about the use of biomass: from fast growing woods through bio-ethanol and biogas to mixed fuels and renewable raw materials for the chemical industry. The results showed clearly that the use of biomass can have an increasing share in the energy mixture which seems to be ecologically and economically useful. In a final resolution the participants called for an objectified public debate about the advantages and disadvantages of this new energy and industrial sector and a political decision for its further development. A “Cottbus Protocol” summarizes the results of the specialist congress.

(4) Into the “Land of Ideas”: Technology day for alternative fuels

On 26 October a “Technology Day about Alternative Fuels” took place at the DEKRA Technology Center in close vicinity to the “EuroSpeedway Lausitz”. DEKRA organised this day together with their partners – EuroSpeedway Lausitz and the village of Schipkau. With the concept of this Technology Day DEKRA won the competition “365 places in the Land of ideas” which was organised in 2006 under the patronage of the Federal President Horst Köhler. The Technology Day is also part of IBA’s theme year “Energy County Lusatia”, as the development of alternative fuels is also an important contribution for the future of Lusatia as an energy region. Top-class experts from the economy and research institutes discussed the ecological importance and the economic potentials of alternative fuels. Representatives of CEBra, Verbundnetz Gas AG, Fraunhofer Institute and Volkswagen AG answered the questions of the guests. The following Open Day at the DEKRA Technology Center and EuroSpeedway Lausitz offered an extensive programme including test runs and fuelling with biofuels.

(5) In a state of flux: New canal connects the Senftenberg Lake and the Geierswalde Lake

On 16 October the Prime Ministers of the Federal States of Brandenburg and Saxony, Matthias Platzeck and Georg Milbradt, dug the first spadeful at the Senftenberg Lake for a canal which will in future connect the Senftenberg Lake and the Geierswalde Lake. The future “Lusation Lake District” which will be formed from the empty opencast lignite mines will become the largest artificial lake region in Europe. In its centre there is a chain of ten lakes partly separated by only a very narrow dam. These lakes will be connected step by step by navigable canal. "Connection 12" is the fourth canal the construction of which has just started. IBA had commissioned a design concept for the canal. At present the outline planning for the lockmaster house included in the concept is under way. It has been planned to extend the functional rooms by a small restaurant, thus making the purely technical facility into a small adventure room.

(6) In the night: The art project “windmove”

The art project “windmove” by the Berlin-based artist Christoph Ernst was inaugurated on 22 October in the wind park Klettwitz. At a height of 150 metres, the 44-metre-long and illuminated rotor blades of a wind power station conjure a dynamic artwork of continuously changing colours into the night sky - a spectacle which can already be seen from the motorway A 13. The project is the artistic highlight of the theme year 2007 “Energy County Lusatia”, a joint campaign of IBA, CEBra (Centre for Energy Technology at BTU Brandenburg), Vattenfall Europe and Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) and – in the true sense of the word – a “luminous role model” for the structural change in the region. This example will be a test whether the artistic use of such elements like wind power stations that shape the landscape can be a meaningful supplement to a business location.

(7) In progress: Advisory Board discusses final stage concept for IBA

During its autumn session in October of this year the IBA Advisory Board dealt with strategic questions for the final stage of IBA until 2010. IBA’s most important topic now is to concentrate on finishing all ongoing projects which represent the process of change in Lusatia.
One of the proposal was, for instance, the discussion and further development of the topic of “Innovative post-mining landscape” using the example of the opencast mine Welzow-South together with the partners, also in preparation of a planned international conference “Workshop for new landscapes” in 2009. Because the acceptance of the people was missing, the IBA Advisory Board dismissed the landscape project Welzow-South in its present development already in April 2007. The project is now revived in a new IBA project under the name of “Options for new landscapes” – also by means of a retrospective and prospective planning workshop.
Moreover it is necessary to involve more people of Lusatia into the IBA projects. The Swiss director Jürg Montalta was commissioned by IBA to prepare together with people of Lusatia stagings and performances to be given at the IBA projects from April to October 2010. Thus the people will take possession of the IBA projects.
In addition to that the decision was made on the meeting to appoint a new Advisory Board in 2008. The members of this Advisory Board who have been working in it since 2003 to support the IBA activities were thanked for the work they have done.

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