Newsletter 111 from 05/18/2009

Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA)

1. Congratulations: Steel giant becomes half-millionaire
2. Foresight: Congress on the future of International Construction Exhibitions

3. Discussion: IBA forum on the management of post-mining landscapes
4. Midway: Showground (building) site provides live demonstration of canal construction work
5. Presentation: Floating IBA visions in Berlin and Dresden
6. Atmosphere: Relaxing to the sounds of jazz in a deckchair
7. Exhibition: Pritzen Arts Barn attracts visitors "With Hands and Feet"
8. Journey: On the Energy Route through Lusatia's Industrial Heritage
9. Recommendation: Latest IBA magazine available online

(1) Congratulations:

Steel giant becomes half-millionaire

Hiltraud Wille became the 500,000th visitor to the F60 Visitor Mine in Lichterfeld since it opened in 2002. The 66-year-old from Berlin was spending three days in the Spree Forest and Lower Lusatia with 22 former schoolmates. Well acquainted with the tourist highlights of the region, she had organised the trip and was keen to pass on to her friends her enthusiasm about the changing landscape and the F60 steel giant. In just seven years it has made great strides and has become a magnet for tourists. Visitors from all over the world have scaled the "Horizontal Eiffel Tower of Lusatia". "We have been taken by surprise by the speed and scope of developments since we opened the mine to visitors", said Ditmar Gurk, Chair of the F60 Visitor Mine Development Association. By contrast, IBA Director Rolf Kuhn never entertained any doubt that the project would be a success. The F60 has achieved prominence as an IBA flagship project, an anchor point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage and a highlight of the Energy Route through Lusatia's Industrial Heritage. Upcoming cultural highlights on the calendar include the Brandenburg Fireworks Spectacular on 23 May, the Philharmonic Rock Festival on 6 June, and the F60 European Celtic Music Festival on 10 and 11 July.

(2) Foresight:

Congress on the future of International Building Exhibitions

IBA Hamburg is staging a congress on the future of the International Building Exhibitions on 4 and 5 June in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs. The aims of the event are to rebrand the IBA model as an instrument for planning and developing the built environment in Europe and to discuss quality management options with a view to maintaining the excellent standards in terms of architecture, building culture and urban development. The "IBA meets IBA" forum is intended to encourage the transfer of the "IBA brand" experience and to expedite the development of an IBA network. The event will kick off with a guided tour of the Elbe islands and the "IBA at WORK" workshop show. Key figures from the worlds of politics, government, research and media will come together with architects, town planners and landscape designers at the forum to discuss the processes and strategies adopted by past International Building Exhibitions and the challenges facing present and potential ones.
Registration and Programme

(3) Discussion:

IBA forum on the management of post-mining landscapes

This year's IBA forum, which is entitled "Lusatia: New Frontiers" and is scheduled to be held on 27 May, is intended to give food for thought in terms of managing the landscape in the post-mining era. Karsten Feucht of the Welzow Association of Mine Tourism will give a presentation on "Landscapes shaped by Perception", going into the specifics and the success of sensory explorations of open-cast mines. Stuttgart-based architect Thomas Müller will then take the floor and talk about how architecture can interact with the permanent changes of the landscape in open-cast mining. His work on the theme of "Succession: Adaption of Architecture to the Changing Landscapes in Welzow-Süd Open-Cast Mine" will also be exhibited on the IBA Terraces until 28 June. Rianne Knoot and Renée de Waal from the Dutch University of Wageningen will then chronicle the history of open-cast lignite mining and the reclamation of lignite mined land in Lusatia and present their ideas on managing the post-fossil landscape. The "Reclaimed Beach" on the IBA Terraces is an inviting place to carry on the conversation after the forum and to enjoy an unhurried end to the event. Gabriele Völzke is taking telephone registrations for the IBA forum on +49 (0) 35753 - 370 288 and by email at

(4) Midway:

Showground (building) site provides live demonstration of canal construction work

The man-made lakes emerging to form the Lusatian Lakeland through the flooding of the former open-cast mines in the south of Brandenburg are growing together via navigable canals. One quite special canal is currently being built between Senftenberg Lake and Geierswald Lake. Extending some 1000 metres in length, the structure is being designed by the Lusatia and Central German Mining Administration Company and is presenting a challenge. Two navigable tunnels will be required, one of them 64 metres long and the other one 90 metres long, passing underneath the main B 96 road and the Schwarze Elster river. Digging work is currently underway for the tunnel under the main road at Großkoschen. The boat on stilts, which the IBA "anchored" here last year as an observation deck to draw attention to the feats being achieved in redeveloping the mining landscape, now surveys the scene offering a good view of the building work at its height of four metres. Visitors can read information on the building project in the hull. Anyone interested can walk to the "showground (building) site" from the lakeside car park on the way into Großkoschen. The LMBV anticipates that the first boats will be able to sail on this canal in about two years.

(5) Presentation:

Floating IBA visions in Berlin and Dresden

The Berlin theatre "Hebbel am Ufer" will be exhibiting selected works from the IBA "Mobile Floating Architecture" competition from 18 to 19 May as part of the themed awareness days "The Way the Wind Blows - Climate Change Scenarios", which are being held in connection with the conference "Adaptation is Necessary" put on by the Federal Ministry for the Environment. The work on show includes designs and models of floating properties which deliver the greatest possible degree of mobility and self-sufficiency in terms of energy and water supplies, have the power to generate an image, and are in keeping with the Lusatian Lakeland setting. IBA project manager Michael Feiler will be on hand on both days to provide information about floating architecture.
The designs will then move on to Dresden-Blasewitz. The Saxony Association of Architects will be exhibiting the work from 11 June until 5 July in the Haus der Architekten. The official opening of the exhibition will be held at 19:00 hrs.
Hebbel theatre on the bank
architectural association Saxony

(6) Atmosphere:

Relaxing to the sounds of jazz in a deckchair

The Berlin SNATCH JAZZ TRIO will be playing at 20:00 hrs. on 30 May in the popular "Deckchair Jazz" series on the IBA Terraces in Großräschen. Amidst the breathtaking landscape jazz fans can sink into a deckchair, unwind, and go on a journey through the history of jazz music. The line-up includes popular songs from New Orleans and Chicago jazz to soul jazz and cool jazz right through to the swing era and great pop arrangements by internationally renowned musicians. The ensemble is made up of Roland Linares (clarinet, saxophone), Andreas Hirtler (double bass) and Thomas Lang (acoustic guitar). Classy interpretations, virtuoso improvisations, swinging rhythms and Latin-American melodies define their sound and give people the urge to dance. Tickets cost 8 euros at the door. Kerstin Noack is taking advance bookings by telephone on +49 (0) 35753 - 261 18 or by email at

(7) Exhibition:

Pritzen Arts Barn attracts visitors "With Hands and Feet"

Pritzen Arts Barn is staging an exhibition of works by Berlin-based artist Tom Kais on the subject of "Coming, Going & Staying in Pritzen - 20 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall". Entitled "With Hands and Feet" the exhibition will be officially opened at 15:00 hrs. on 31 May. Visitors will see a snapshot of the Lower Lusatian village of Pritzen and, at the same time, a kind of forensic investigation of 20 post-GDR years. In the era of democracy the south of Brandenburg experienced an exodus as people voted with their feet. People were leaving their home towns. Having narrowly escaped the coal excavators, Pritzen was bucking the trend for a long time and the village was growing. Eventually, however, it too succumbed to the same fate. Kais has been wondering how the people feel about and express their bond with Pritzen. What is the solution for a village which is losing people and yet magically attracting them because it is at the end of the world? Tom Kais has painted a portrait of present-day and former residents and property owners in Pritzen. His pictures and what they inherently reveal are conducive to a virtual conversation between neighbours who rarely meet otherwise. The exhibition is open every Saturday and Sunday from 31 May to 28 June from 12:00 to 18:00 hrs. There will be a breakfast-time discussion with the artist at 11:00 hrs. on 28 June, and the official closing of the exhibition will take place at 15:00 hrs.

Flyer to the Exhibition in Pritzen (182.6 KB)

(8) Journey:

On the Energy Route through Lusatia's Industrial Heritage

The first IBA coach trip will run on 6 June and will visit five attractions of Lusatian industrial heritage. Those going on the nine-hour trip can expect to see monumental buildings and installations associated with the energy industry, and bizarre mining landscapes. The tour leaves from the IBA Terraces and will head for Marga, the first German garden city and the most attractive workers' village in Lusatia. The next stop will be the Lauchhammer bio-towers. The former wastewater purification plant for the large-scale coke oven was once synonymous with air pollution but today its graceful stature and new viewing turrets are a magnet for tourists. After a guided tour the coach will move on to Plessa. A visit to Plessa Cultural Power Station is on the programme. After a light lunch the tour will proceed on the "Coal Route" through one of Germany's oldest lignite-fired power plants. There will then be an opportunity to see the F60 Visitor Mine in Lichterfeld before returning later to the IBA Terraces. Bookings are still being taken for the tour. The tour costs 48 euros, or 45 euros for concessions.
tour service and booking

(9) Recommendation:

Latest IBA magazine available online

Issue 25 of the bi-annual magazine highlights various aspects of the theme year "Lusatia: New Frontiers" with the focus on the international conference "Opportunity: Post-Mining-Landscape" and provides insight into the project work. If you would like to receive the next copy of the IBA magazine in your letter box then we will be happy to include you on our mailing list. Simply send an email to stating your postal address.
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