Newsletter 107 from 12/02/2008

Internationale Bauausstellung Fürst-Pückler-Land

1. Nice outlook: From "Lusatia: Lure of the Lakes" to "Lusatia: New Land"
2. Fast download: Latest IBA magazine now online
3. Good investment: Decision on subsidy secures go-ahead for town harbour competition
4. Winning application: Leisureworkgroup delivers "Water-Realm Spree" concept
5. New site: Boat on stilts walked to second showground (building) site
6. Glittering entertainment: Literary Christmas treats on the IBA Terraces
7. Concrete planning: Exhibition showcases beach design for Terrace 3
8. Fantastic pictures: IBA photo calendar published
9. Best wishes: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2009

(2) Fast download

Latest IBA magazine now online

Issue 24 of the bi-annual magazine highlights different aspects of the theme year "Lusatia: Lure of the Lakes" and provides insight into the project work. If you would like to have a copy of the IBA magazine in your letter box in the New Year then we will be happy to include you on our mailing list. Simply send an email to stating your postal address. IBA-Magazin

(3) Good investment

Decision on subsidy secures go-ahead for town harbour competition

Following the successful completion of two competitions, namely "Mobile Floating Architecture" and "Spree Water Empire", the go-ahead was given in November for the "Senftenberg Town Harbour" design competition. Klaus-Otto Weymanns, Head of the Berlin-Brandenburg Joint Regional Planning Department, only recently issued news of the subsidy worth 118,000 euros to Senftenberg's mayor Andreas Fredrich. The district town will contribute 30,000 euros of its own funds to the competition which is being run jointly with the IBA. The building on Senftenberg Lake ought to enhance the prominence of the location in the Lusatian Lakeland and be a new flagship feature for the town of Senftenberg. The design brief is for a functioning leisure harbour with promenade, harbour facilities, purpose-built structures and a bridge over the lake. Working groups of architects, landscape architects and civil engineers still have until 10 December to signal their intention to enter the competition.

(4) Winning application

Leisureworkgroup delivers "Water-Realm Spree" concept

Leisureworkgroup GmbH is the name of the winner of the competition to come up with an exhibition concept and a strategy as to how to run the "Water-Realm Spree" visitor and information centre which is planned to come on stream by 2013 with the southern extension of the castle island in Lübben (Spree Forest). Five of the 16 agencies which originally expressed interest in the competition were shortlisted to enter and develop a concept for the planned visitor and information centre. The Hamburg company, which developed and operates e.g. the "BallinStadt - Auswandererwelt Hamburg" exhibition centre on the island of Veddel in the River Elbe, convinced the jury not only by the content and presentation of its ideas but also by its clear exposition of how it would proceed to implement, manage and operate the centre. "The idea behind the 'Spree Water Empire' competition is to make the Spree Forest a natural scientific discovery zone with national appeal", said IBA Director Rolf Kuhn. "Leisureworkgroup GmbH delivered a very impressive working concept which has brought us much closer to this goal."

(5) New site

Boat on stilts walked to second showground (building) site

The IBA erected an unusual viewing platform in its theme year to draw attention to the construction of navigable waterways and the mine redevelopment work in the Lusatian Lakeland. A four-metre high "overland boat" on stilts had been sited in the visitor car park at Großkoschen for the last few months where it staged a "showground (building) site" in order to call attention to the construction of the future canal between Senftenberg Lake and Geierswald Lake. The boat has now "walked" about 500 metres in the direction of Geierswald Lake to its second site. Set at the height of the bridge over the river, it provides an observation point over the canal work being carried out to divert the Schwarze Elster river. The boat will be "anchored" here for the whole of next year. Not until 2010 will it be moved to its third location to focus on the building work on the lock. In the last few months the unusual viewing platform has attracted interest in the structure itself and in the project. The LMBV has been commissioned by the town of Senftenberg to build the canal which is a challenge in engineering terms. Work on the canal is scheduled to get underway next year. The "showground (building) site" was a joint initiative with Vattenfall Europe Mining AG.

(6) Glittering entertainment

Literary Christmas treats on the IBA Terraces

The IBA is inviting visitors to an entertaining reading by Antje and Martin Schneider at 19:00 hrs. on 12 December in building 3 on the IBA Terraces. The Berlin duo will regale the audience with amusing stories of mouthwatering yuletide delights entitled "Am Christabend muss ich den Bratspieß drehn", which would mean something akin to "On Christmas Day I have to cook the turkey". A musical interpretation of the texts will be provided by pianist Gabriele Müller and violinist Michael Erbe. The reading will include the work of well-known authors who have put a humorous slant on their experiences with the Christmas roast or the Christmas pudding. Quoted works might include Werner Bergengruen's Kashubian Christmas Carol, Alphonse Daudet bringing the ghostly apparition of South of France back to life, or Hans Scheibner on the classic theme of "My mother's green cabbage". The Schneiders have an eloquent way with words which makes for a captivating evening of entertainment. Having had their appetite whet for the feast with literary and musical contributions, visitors can sit down to a gourmet dinner of roast beef with red cabbage and dumplings followed by a seasonal dessert. The event costs 14 euros per head. Please book in advance by calling 035753-26118 or emailing

(7) Concrete planning

Exhibition showcases beach design for Terrace 3

Students of the Design Faculty at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences were commissioned by the IBA to come up with a beach design for Terrace 3 in connection with the theme "Discovering New Frontiers". Four of the designs are on display in an exhibition in the visitor centre, and there are plans to use the design "Sand am See" by Gregor Steblau in the spring of 2009. The work plays with the basic elements of the footbridge, sand and sunshade. Overlooking the constantly evolving Lake Ilse, the installation is meant to foreshadow the future of the site. The exhibition also features other assignments relating to Sedlitz which have come out of the research project entitled "Umgang mit gestörten Landschaften", a project on damaged landscapes headed up by Prof. Adrian Hoppenstedt at the Technische Universität Berlin. The student research projects will be on display until 18 December.

(8) Fantastic pictures

IBA photo calendar published

The IBA has had a calendar produced on the theme of "Landscape in Flux" in collaboration with Berlin photographer Alexander Schippel and in cooperation with Vattenfall Europe Mining AG. The quest for relevant subjects took the camera to working open-cast mines, emerging landscapes in Lusatia, and projects of the IBA, e.g. the floating diving school and the holiday home on the water, the boat on stilts and the Lauchhammer bio-towers. If you would like to follow the themes through the year you can order the calendar (A3) for 14.90 euros plus postage by telephoning Gabi Herzog on 035753-370 10 or by emailing her at

(9) Best wishes

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2009

The IBA wishes all its partners, IBA friends and those with an interest in Lusatia a reflective advent, a happy Christmas and a good start to 2009 and the new theme of "Lusatia: New Land"! The IBA team would like to express its gratitude for your interest and your support!

If you would like to visit the IBA Terraces in the holiday period then please note the visitor centre opening times.

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