Newsletter 100 from 04/30/2008

International Building Exhibition (IBA) Fürst-Pückler-Land

1. Launch: Countdown for Lusatian Lakeland open days
2. Signpost: To the open studio in Pritzen Arts Barn
3. Christening: IBA 2010 Art Project is given the name "Paradise 2"
4. Reclamation: Opening date set for Lauchhammer bio-towers
5. Celebration: Slavonic castle of Raddusch commemorates 5th anniversary
6. Opening: art museum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus opens its doors
7. Forecast: Epic raft-building adventure camp on the edge of Mars
8. Landmark: see-cube at IBA project location Baltic Sea in Cottbus

(1) Launch:

Countdown for Lusatian Lakeland open days

"Live today, build the future" is the slogan for the 6th Lusatian Lakeland open season scheduled to run from 31 May to 1 June 2008. Senftenberg Lake takes centre stage this year on the occasion of its 35th anniversary. The preparations are well underway for what has become a very popular festival - not least with the IBA Fürst-Pückler-Land which will be joining forces with the LMBV to put on a showground (building) site on canal 12. The overland boat which will take pride of place elevated over the site was used to navigate through the North Sea in its former days as a lifeboat. In its new home of Lusatia it will serve out its days as an exclusive observation deck overlooking the strenuous work of building the canal which will link Senftenberg and Geierswald Lakes. Constructing the canal is a feat of engineering. A lock system will be required to compensate for the height difference of some two metres between the lakes. It will also be routed underneath the Schwarze Elster river and the main B 96 road through a navigable tunnel.

conceptual design: raumlabor berlin

(2) Signpost:

To the open studio in Pritzen Arts Barn

The pull from the city of Munich to the heritage landscape of Pritzen proved too strong for 71-year-old artist Beate Oehmann to resist. She will breathe new life into Pritzen Arts Barn when she sets up her "temporary studio" under the slogan "Pointing the Way!" from May to mid-July. Her motivation is her desire to get her creative juices flowing and allow others to be inspired by the spectacular and imposing landscape. Visitors to the open studio will also have the opportunity to get to know the artist and her work better while chatting and working together. The "temporary studio" will open with a private viewing on 11 May at 15:00 hrs. in Pritzen Arts Barn. As well as flying colourful flags outside the Arts Barn, Beate Oehmann will have large-scale textile installations on show, wall panel art and lift-the-flap books.
Leaflet Pritzen Arts Barn

photo: Beate Oehmann

(3) Christening:

IBA 2010 Art Project is given the name "Paradise 2"

The IBA Fürst-Pückler-Land will be celebrating its final year, 2010, in artistic style - with a project designed to "get under the skin". The project is being headed up by Swiss director Jürg Montalta. In naming the project "Paradise 2" he has come up with a title which arouses curiosity and fires the imagination. The art project will centre around the people of Lusatia and the 25 IBA projects. Each landscaped island will tackle an art assignment to represent all the projects. As things unfold and different ideas are tried out, the artist is keen to tap the expertise of the public and of the staff and partners of the IBA who have witnessed the radical changes in Lusatia and are best placed to give the project a really special quality. There are plans to put on theatre productions, sensory perception experiments and social pilot schemes, but also guided tours and magical mystery tours, concerts, choreographed works and impressive audio and film portraits. Anyone can take part in the exciting development process by joining the "Paradise 2 Workshop". Regular updates will be given at these workshops on the progress of the project. The next one is scheduled for 27 May 2008. There will be a press conference at 15:00 hrs. in the IBA offices followed by the public workshop from 16:00 hrs.

(4) Reclamation:

Opening date set for Lauchhammer bio-towers

The clean-up operations at the Lauchhammer bio-towers have been underway since 2006 and will come to an end this summer. Things are at fever pitch now in the run-up to the opening date of 17 July 2008. The industrial plant was once used to treat the wastewater from the coking plant. In a joint show of commitment the IBA advocated the preservation and alternative use of the imposing industrial monument. The campaign was successful, with some 1.4 million euros of European funding and lignite district redevelopment grants invested in the plant. Reminiscent of a castle ruin and under preservation order, the monument is earmarked for future use as an exclusive venue for cultural events, concerts, plays, illuminations and guided tours on the industrial history of Lauchhammer. A group of trickling filters will be converted to a viewing tower. Two glass turrets at a dizzy height will create a spectacular expression of space between the towers.
IBA-project Lauchhammer Bio-Towers

(5) Celebration:

Slavonic castle of Raddusch commemorates 5th anniversary

The early medieval Slavonic castle of Raddusch has a top-class programme of events lined up to celebrate its 5th anniversary. One of the first IBA projects and now attracting some 60,000 visitors every year, the castle has become a well-established tourist magnet for day trippers to the Spreewald forest and for school classes on field trips. The plan for the future is to keep up the high standard and aspire to greater integration in regional marketing efforts. The forthcoming celebrations will officially open with a press conference on 28 May 2008 and a special exhibition entitled "Stopover in the Middle Ages", featuring relics unearthed during excavations at Diepensee which had to make way for the construction of the BBI Airport. Other exciting events planned for later in the year include the 2nd summer theatre festival with the Sorbian National Ensemble Bautzen, the ballet opera "Krabat or the Creation of the World", and the play "Year of the Kings". The autumn will see not just one "Marketplace of Lusatian Cultures" but there will also be a presentation of drawings and sculptures by Loras & Wagner entitled "Between the Times".
For more information visit:
IBA-project Raddusch Slavic Fort

photo: Harriet Bönisch

(6) Opening:

art museum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus opens its doors

Cottbus diesel generating station, one of the most important industrial monuments of the 20th century, has been reinvented as the residence for the Brandenburg art collections and will celebrate its official opening on 8 May 2008. The conversion work has seen the former "powerhouse" of the city of Cottbus re-emerge as a temple for contemporary art. Having undergone a programme of reconstruction since 2004, the industrial monument on the Mühleninsel (mill island) is set to become a magnet for art lovers, architecture enthusiasts and engineering buffs. Some 1250 square metres are available for art collections of all kinds to be exhibited. The Art Museum will be exhibiting major works from its own collection for the opening under the theme heading "Come ashore. The newly housed collection". This beacon of Cottbus architecture and industrial heritage is also integrated as a special highlight linking in with the IBA project "ENERGY Route through Lusatia's Industrial Heritage".
For more information visit
IBA-project Energy route

photo: Marlies Kross

(7) Forecast;

Epic raft-building adventure camp on the edge of Mars

Sawing, sanding, hammering - a chance for young Lusatians to show off their creative handiwork at the IBA raft-building camp which will be held on the shores of Lake Ilse from 18 to 27 July 2008. Run by the Schülerakademie Lausitz, the workshop will provide guidance while allowing the young people complete latitude in the design and construction of two raft houses followed by the chance to launch their finished crafts on Sedlitz Lake. This project, timed to fit in with the IBA Year of Water, aims to raise awareness among young people of the developments in the Lusatian Lakeland, particularly the floating architecture, which is more than just an international trend and opens up interesting prospects for the region. Another aim of the camp is to get the youngsters thinking about their future career choices. They will be offered the chance to take personality and proficiency tests and talk to personnel managers from local companies. It will soon be possible to sign up for the camp via I.B.A.R. e.V.

(8) Landmark:

see-cube at IBA project location Baltic Sea in Cottbus

Another see-cube was erected a few days ago as part of the IBA signage system on the approach road to the Merzdorf viewing tower at Cottbus-Nord open-cast mine. Twin see-cubes of this kind have been appearing at many of the 25 IBA sites in Lusatia and are designed to draw people's attention to the developments taking place there. This one is about the Cottbus Baltic project. When Cottbus-Nord open-cast mine is phased out, the site in the east of the city will re-emerge over the coming years until 2030 as the largest lake in the Lower Lusatian open-cast mining landscape. The Merzdorf viewing tower continues as the lone attraction but other projects are also taking shape, such as "Cottbus Beach" or the route between the city and the lake known as the "Parkway". Other ideas being discussed with the project partners include the Cottbus Lake Theatre and the Neuendorf Harbour.
IBA-project Baltic Sea in Cottbus

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