NEWSLETTER 91 FROM 06/19/2007

Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA)

1. The Complete Program: Culinary journey and lake festival at the IBA Terraces
2. Neu Bau Land: Deutsches Architekturmuseum presents IBA projects
3. Architecture Day: Guided tours through power station and Slavic Fort
4. IBA-Forum: ENERGY Route through Lusatia’s Industrial Heritage
5. At the Bärwalder lake: Visitor Days attract people to the Lusatian lakeland
6. Marga Garden City: Celebrate with a Centenarian
7. The Muskau Crescent: IBA project receives award
8. Premiere: 1st Film nights at lake Ilse
9. Stairway to Heaven: Topping-out ceremony for the Viktoriahöhe hill
10. IBA trifft BUGA: eBox bei "Neue Landschaft" in Ronneburg


Culinary journey and lake festival at the IBA Terraces

A varied programme and extra long weekend is about to get underway at the IBA Terraces: Starting at 7 PM on Thursday, June 21, it will be time for yet another feast, more discussions and some theatre at the "Culinary journey" with the director of the Neue Bühne theatre Sewan Latchinian. This time around guest Prof. Gunther Schulz, President of Lausitz University of Applied Sciences, will be on hand. more

The three-day lake festival (June 22 to 24) kicks off the following day and takes place around the IBA Terraces with live music, an additional tour programme, market, children's programme, and much more: The perfect opportunity to explore the ever-expanding Ilse lake. This year's festival kick-off will honour the Visitor Days 2005, which at that time took place on the then dry Meuro pit, and herald in the 3rd lake festival in Großräschen. more

Neue Bühne Senftenberg


Deutsches Architekturmuseum presents IBA projects

The "Deutsche Architekturmuseum" (DAM) in Frankfurt am Main (German Architecture Museum) presents the "NEU BAU LAND" exhibit starting June 23rd and will thus (quote) "show the first large-scale (interim) track record of the building and city redevelopment works underway in the new East German states." The curated exhibition was conceived by Oliver G. Hamm as a dual exhibition with two independent modules, “Architecture”, and “Urban Renewal”. Twenty five of the 145 examples selected for new and redeveloped buildings will be displayed in detail. In addition, there will also be six examples documenting the urban and landscape redevelopment. The selection is intended to reflect the entire breadth and depth of the building projects. This exhibition will showcase projects from various East German states, including numerous IBA projects. Federal Minister of Building, Wolfgang Tiefensee, will open the exhibition on June 22.

DAM in Frankfurt/Main


Architects give guided tours through power station and Slavic Fort

This coming June 24, 2007 on Architecture Day in Brandenburg, the Architectural Association is inviting all interested parties to enjoy a personal detailed explanation of the architectural work by the “Creators” themselves. IBA's Plessa power station and Raddusch Slavic Fort projects are among the 43 objects that have been selected throughout all of Brandenburg: Wanta, the leading architecture firm based in Cottbus, is offering guided tours in the partially refurbished Plessa adventure venue (guided tours 1, 3 and 5 PM). One of the power station’s real gems is the turbine table that since the reopening in May can now be used as an event area. Stephan Hilsberg and Martin Miehe will hold a piano concert here featuring the works of George Bizet, Claude Debussy and Franz Schubert. Tickets at the price of 6 euros are available at the box office or can be ordered in advance at the Plessa power station for 5 euros (Tel. 03533 / 607211). The proceeds will be allocated towards the further renovation of the Plessa power plant.

The remodelled area around the Raddusch Slavic Fort with its scenic trail named “Zeitsteg” (platform of time) and the small landscape islands were created by Christof Geskes und Kristina Hack from Cottbus. They are also presenting thier work in the guided tours at 1, 3 and 5 PM.

Architecture Day
Plessa adventure venue
Raddusch Slavic Fort


ENERGY Route through Lusatia’s Industrial Heritage

During its theme year of 2007 the "Energy Region of Lusatia", the IBA will present the ENERGY route that was just recently ceremonially opened. The route links ten outstanding monuments to the industrial era (among others, Knappenrode mining museum, Plessa power station and Marga Garden City) together to form one tourist attraction and has catapulted it in the national public eye. This feat was also achieved by integrating the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH). To mark this occasion, the 12th IBA Forum will be devoted to the ENERGY route and present its concept and integration into the ERIH. In addition, the forum will also report on the "Coal I Steam I Light Adventure Route" in Saxony-Anhalt as well as the TICCIH Conference 2009 "Industrial Heritage, Ecology and Economy" that IBA helped organise. The IBA Forum will take place on Wednesday, July 11 from 4 to 7 PM in building 3 on the IBA Terraces. Please register with Nicole Urbanek by July 2:



Visitor Days attract people to the Lusatian lakeland

With the Bärwalder lake, Saxony’s largest lake is being created south of the Boxberg power station. The three adjacent communities Boxberg, Uhyst and Klitten are hosting this year’s 5th Visitor Days at the Lusatian lakeland from July 6th to 8th. Thousands of guests are expected again this year. Events include watersports, balloon rides, helicopter sightseeing flights, music, dance shows and of course information on the emerging Lusatian lakeland. On this occasion, the restructuring specialist LMBV is also handing over the newly created landscape art object “Ohr” (ear).

An info section at the lake during the Visitor Days will also peak visitor interests for the upcoming festival of sound and light called transNATURALE that is also taking place again in 2007 (August 31 to September 9) at the Bärwalder lake with its imposing power station as the backdrop.

5th Visitor Days


Celebrate with a Centenarian

This year will see a series of events celebrating the 100th birthday of Germany’s oldest garden city located in the Brieske city quarter of Senfteberg. The highlight is the traditional Marga festival that takes place this year on July 8th in the Marga courtyard and concert garden. The marching band will begin performing at 1 PM and the festivities shall be opened by the Property Manager of the Immobiliengesellschaft TLG. Afterwards, the local heritage society will hold events, such as urban tours, charabanc rides through the Garden City, a performance of the miner's choir, photo exhibition, children's programme and much more.

Background on the Marga Garden City (outdated)

The Muskau Crescent

IBA project receives award

The Muskau Crescent was recognised as a national geopark (see Newsletter 83) last year. It will now be officially bestowed with the corresponding award: Prof. Rolf Emmermann, President of the GeoUnion Alfred-Wegener Foundation, will hand over the award to the Muskauer Faltenbogen e.V. development association on July 9th. The award ceremony will take place at the Vertretung des Landes Brandenburg beim Bund (Brandenburg State Representative Office to the Federal Government) in the street called "In der Berliner Ministergärten".

The Muskau Crescent


1st Film nights at lake Ilse

A premiere is scheduled for July 13th and 14th on the IBA Terraces: The "1st film nights on lake Ilse" in cooperation with the Cottbus Film Festival. For film fans, this means two nights of summer, open-air cinema and East European party beats. Starting at 9 PM on Friday, July 13th, the Lusatian triology by director Peter Rocha will be shown. The three films of the trilogy with the titles "Leben am Fließ","Hochwaldmärchen" and "Schmerzen der Lausitz" were created between 1987 and 1990 as a documentary exploration of the changes made to the Lusatian landscape by brown coal mining. Prior to the start of the film, visitors can participate in a guided tour of the former opencast mine Meuro (7 PM). Director Peter Rocha has been invited as a guest and discussion partner on this evening.

Andreas Dresen's charming comedy "Summer in Berlin" will be shown on July 14th (9 PM). Afterwards, there will be a terrace party with irresistible dance music ranging between Balkan beats, Ska and Klezmer by both DJanes Yaga and Nata aka BarbarenBoogie.

Cottbus Film Festival

Stairway to Heaven

Topping-out ceremony for the Viktoriahöhe hill

The town of Großräschen along with IBA and the LBVN celebrated a topping-out ceremony at the end of May for the Viktoriahöhe lookout platform directly next to the IBA Terraces. To bring a fact-finding tour through Lusatia to an end, Dorette König, the new Secretary of State in the Brandenburg Ministry of Infrastructure, also participated in the ceremony. The panoramic construction by the Senftenberg-based architecture firm Joswig will be completed in the coming weeks, thus offering an excellent view from the “stairway to heaven” onto the IBA kick-off area Großräschen-Süd.

Town of Großräschen


eBox at the "New Landscape" in Ronneburg

The eBox opened on June 7th at the BUGA in Gera-Ronneburg. The exhibition satellite now stands at the Ronneburg BUGA Horticultural Show grounds ("New Landscape") and is scheduled to run until September 13 next to the "Renewable resources" pavilion near the main entrance. The eBox travelling exhibit was previously on display in Berlin and demonstrates various possibilities for using biomass to shape the landscape, for example, in the IBA project "Energy Landscape Welzow". IBA Managing Director Prof. Rolf Kuhn, Project Supervisor Michaela Baller and Dr. Horst Gerber from the rural district of Greiz opened the eBox to the visitors following the opening.


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