Topics in the Seminars, 16th September

Seminar B: Change of identity

Looking for a new identity

Mining basically characterises a region. It creates new jobs, changes the landscape and the settlements and influences the social structures. There are manifold linkages between the economic, cultural and social levels. When mining is coming to an end, the basis of this society disappears, too. Such basic changes do not only have consequences for the landscape and economy, but also social, cultural and, for many people, psychological consequences. The region looks for a new identity, which the inhabitants should find.

  • How does the society of a region change after mining?
  • How can people identify themselves with their new prospects?
  • Which methods can be used to accompany these processes?

Seminar B will ask and discuss questions about the social change. A politician, a psychologist and an artist will report what structural change means from their point of view and which contribution they can make when looking for a new identity.

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